Forget Me Not Book will help

Family with relatives needing care

An online memory book enables you and close family to contribute and make a difference to the care and well being of someone close to you by compiling a unique digital book of your family memories. In many ways it is an extension of activities like "life story work" or "reminiscence therapy" which has recognised benefits in a care setting. Story books can be printed and enjoyed by your family, friends, your loved one in care and carers alike, at any time. Everyone interested in the well being of their loved one can stay much more connected and more joined up in the approach to their care. It is particularly useful if you live long distances away, particularly abroad to be able to participate more regularly.

People living with dementia

Dementia deserves a special mention because at the centre of this is the collection of personal stories and pictures from their life. It is an opportunity to safely and securely compile memories from years gone by that can be re-read and re-lived time and time again. By retelling and enjoying their stories, quality time can be spent with your loved one, engaging with them on familiar subjects. Connecting again in these special moments helps promote a sense of well being.

People with aging parents

Capturing your reminiscences and photographs is worthwhile on any level. The outcome is entertaining and quite often enlightening. Your parents might need a bit of help from you and the younger generation, even your grandchildren, but the results are worth the effort. Compiling an online memory book ensures everything is kept safe in one place and can be used now to share and enjoy your stories and to leave a keepsake for future generations.


If you have a loved one in residential care this service has the potential to draw a much wider group of their family and friends into more regular contact with them than is possible conventionally. A book of stories from their past provides a wealth of information helping foster closer understanding and relationships with their key carers. Reading their stories together and enjoying conversations that flow from them provide welcome relief if they have feelings of frustration and isolation that can affect some people in care. Leaving your loved one with a printed version of their online memory book that can be looked through during quite moments alone provides an additional bonus. 

Care Homes

As a progressive Care Home you are always interested in ways to improve your service. Whilst quite difficult to measure, the success of life story work, memory boxes and reminiscence therapy strongly suggest that building care around your individual residents offers benefits, not only to them but to your staff providing their care. This service develops upon that to not only provide a truly individual approach but to more closely link the parties involved with their care. Most importantly their family feel that they are able to take a more proactive role in their loved one's care.


You can very easily develop a deep understanding about the person you are looking after by reading a body of stories and viewing photos from their life. It not only gives you some easy, non threatening subjects to talk about but also fosters much closer trust and understanding between you as a carer and resident.


Whatever your professional discipline, Occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy or Psychology, as a professional you may be interested in a tool developed with a clear purpose and ease of use in mind. Failings of current alternatives are either that they are too complicated and time consuming to learn or that they fail to make use of new technology. This online tool sails a neat path between the two.

How else might you use Forget Me Not Book


The younger generation can be very interested by what the older generation got up to. As a grandparent you might feel you have something worth passing on!

family history

Recording your family memories together and sharing them can provide an insight into your family history and heritage. 

a gift

Starting a book for a loved one is a unique and precious gift. There could be a special occasion you are aiming for: a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, retirement, a family reunion.

celebration of a life well lived

Are you the grandchild, son, daughter, friend of an amazing person?

a diary

Rather than capturing memories retrospectively, save them as they happen by keeping an online diary. You could even choose your favourite stories and print your "best of" moments book.

sharing family events

Let those family members who are not geographically close to you know about what's been happening in your family life. Wouldn't your parents would love to see photos of their grandchildren's first day at a new school, their school play and birthday parties if they can't be physically their to share it? Particularly useful if living abroad.

saying farewell to special colleague

Invite co-workers and bosses to share a memory, say a few words of thanks and good luck to somebody leaving and moving on. Give them a book of special memories as a farewell gift, after all it's very often the people you miss!


Illnesses impact the length and quality of people’s lives and the lives of those closest to them. Reflection on someone’s life and sharing stories from happier times can help provide welcome relief.


Sadly your loved one may have passed away. Invite your close family and friends to celebrate their life by reliving precious moments and sharing and saving them forever.

just for fun!

People enjoy telling and retelling stories, it’s just fun!

This is real life, real stories, your very own History Channel of Your Own Family and Legacy!

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