You think the concept of an online memory book for your loved one is a great idea but could do with a little help to get started. All you need is inspiration to write the first story. Looking through old photographs is a good place to start.

Forget Me Not Book story pages have a bank of category icons which aid story organisation and are also there to inspire story ideas.

The stories will be about the featured user, your family memories or shared experiences.


1. Sports and Games

The person you are writing about could be or have been a keen sports person either actively or as a supporter. Sports may have been tried professionally, just at school, socially or as a means to keep fit. Maybe they're just a keen armchair supporter. What about about were/are their favourite games? Chess, Connect 4, Black Jack or Monopoly

2. Culture

Such a wide category to include anything from TV and Cinema through to Music, Theatre, Opera, Ballet and Art. What about special family visits to a big show? Have you visited major landmarks or museums?

3. Funnies

Perhaps our favourite category and yours too! We like the idea that through our lives we do silly things that people laugh about at the time and for years afterwards.

4. Interests

Hobbies and interests. It could be just going walking with or without the dog but covers so much more ground, photography, knitting, gardening, fishing, golf, reading, DIY (although this might also feature in the funnies!), travel is potentially a large area so has it's own category but really the list is endless.

5. Food and Drink

Favourite restaurant, favourite meal and especially family recipes that need keeping. My mum's meatloaf is the stuff of legend.

6. Travel

Travel is part of everyone's lives. Where's their favourite place? What was the best holiday? Maybe they had a true adventure and climbed a mountain somewhere or backpacked solo through South America. It doesn't have to be large scale or international, it's just as important to remember visits to personal special places.

7. Social

Who do you know? Where did you meet? "Social" could cover close friends, old friends, new friends. It might be dinners or social gatherings or might just be clubs like singing, art classes, woodwork, amateur dramatics or the local cricket club.

8. Education

School, College or University. Seldom will it have been all work! A rich source of material for most of us.

9. Charity

Do you give your time for charitable causes? Have you raised money by doing something like a marathon or sitting in a bath of baked beans?

10. Work

Career, jobs or voluntary work. If old work colleagues are contributing stories it might give an interesting insight into exactly what did go on. It would be nice to hear how things used to be done, perhaps even the equipment used and the technology of the day.

11. Failures

No-one wants to be reminded of particular failures unless they've led on to greater things. Lets keep it light-hearted. A foot through the ceiling before completing the new staircase is the kind of thing that would make for a good story.

12. Successes

Lets celebrate those moments of personal achievement. These could be small or large but if they mean something to you they all count.

13. Home and Garden

Where did you grow up? What was it like? How has it changed? Are there any objects or artefacts that inspire special memories?

14. Beliefs

This could cover Politics, Philosophy or Religion and could be central to memories of the person who you are writing about.

15. Occasions

Special occasions with friends and family; Religious festivals like Christmas, birthdays, weddings, even funerals. It could extend beyond direct family though to include celebrations, street parties, festivals or house parties. Who was there and what did they get up to?

16. Favourites

All your favourites of anything! Favourite dog, drink, film, artist, country, person!


You can get a sense of someone from what they really love.

18. Hates

You can also get a sense of someone from what they really hate!

19. Books

Avid readers? Do they have a favourite author, book or poem. Is there a particularly meaningful passage?

20. Family

Simple genealogy, who was who and what relation were they? It could even cover family pets.

You'll be amazed at how many memories are sparked off once you begin. Reading and commenting on people's stories will trigger stories of your own. The more people contributing to the online memory book, the greater the range of stories.

There's no right or wrong. Use Forget Me Not Book your way, but do let us have your feedback. It is only in this way that we can make it even better. You can contact us by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it