The end of term school Christmas Carol concert not only meant Christmas was just round the corner and the holidays were nearly upon us but it was also the date set to say good bye to our wonderful music teacher, who had decided to step down from much of the school's musical activities, and to thank her for the musical opportunities she had given to the children. 

A group of parents came together to show our music teacher just how much she was appreciated, not just by them, but their children too. They decided to create a very special leaving gift by collecting their memories, stories and farewell messages within a forget me not book. We had 26 stories in total, written by both children and their parents and illustrated with their photographs. The photographs and stories ranged from school productions, concerts and orchestra practice. There were also some lovely words:

"All my children have really enjoyed taking part and and I am so pleased that they have been given opportunities to perform in front of an audience too. The kids think she is great, and so do I - especially since helping out at Orchestra and realizing how much work it involves."

"You have been an inspiration to her and we feel so lucky to have had you as her teacher."

"A huge big Thank You for your inspirational music teaching - you have made music fun and accessible to so many children (and grown-ups but that's another book!) - your enthusiasm and good humor, in all the fantastic events you have run over the years, has been amazing."

"And thank you for all the effort you've put in at the school over the years with orchestra, choirs, music lessons, concerts, plays... I think the school has been very lucky to have you and you really will be missed."

The book was printed and presented in church following a lovely Christmas concert (you know the ones, the ones that bring a lump to your throat). Our music teacher was completely blown away by her memory book, after she realised what it was. She had never seen anything like this before and was so touched, she even shed a tear. The children were fascinated with with the book too and gathered around to see it. They were especially interested in seeing themselves and their friends in print. A great success!

farewell gift

farewell memory book