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What is Forget Me Not Book?

Forget Me Not Book provides a free to use online space for the purpose of collecting your memories, stories and photos to keep, share and to pass on. It is a place to celebrate the lives of your family and friends and to record family history.

People know you in different ways and it is the sharing of their memories, stories and photos within a private network of your family and friends which we feel is an important feature of Forget Me Not Book.

You may read incredible stories that you've never heard before, discover new things about people you've always known and see photos you didn't even know existed!

Memory books are compiled online and are dynamic with the ability to be continuously updated. Additionally, you can select stories to print into beautiful books and give them as unique and personal gifts or retained as a keepsake. Here's an example book

Who is Forget Me Not Book for?

For everyone interested in compiling, sharing and saving either their own memories of events that meant something to them or on behalf of someone close to them.

How does it work?

The easiest way to find that out is to have a go! We’ve designed this to be simple to use. You’ll be guided through the sign up process and encouraged to add a photo and story. Write as much or a little as you like, that’s up to you. You are able to edit or delete your entries at any time so it's easy to play around until you are confident you know what you are doing.

How much does it cost?

That's the good news, it's 100% FREE! to register for an account and start an online book. You will be able to enter your own memories of events and supplement them with photos that will build over time into a unique and personal online record. Further down the road, some new features may be reserved for paid accounts.

Tell me about printed books

To complete and enhance your online memory book experience, you are also able to print beautiful soft cover books from your online book's content. As your online memory book's content is always updating when memories are jogged, new stories are added and photos are found in the back of cupboards or attics, so printed books can be ordered at any point in time, just select all your favourite stories.

Prices for printed books start at £19.99 or $24.99 plus delivery.

How do I create an account?

Just click any of the "start saving memories" or "free sign up" buttons which will take you the sign up form. Simply add your details; your name, email address and password, and those of the person you want the book to be about (if not you). Give your book it's name and you're ready to go. Simple as that!

The information you provide us with is not shared or sold to other organisations for commercial purposes.

Once you're logged into your newly created account you can start to really enjoy it and add content to your book by completing an optional profile, adding incredible stories, forgotten photos and inviting family members and special friends to share in everyone's contribution. You will also be able to comment on each others stories and leave messages on the message board.

I've created an account but don't know how to return to my book.

There are three different ways to return into your memory book.

1. You will receive a confirmation email of your new account. Click on the link within the email and this will take you to your book's sign in page. (If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folder, just incase it landed in there. If you still don't have an email from us, then it is likely the email address you gave us was not quite correct. In this case please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your book address and we can help you.)

2. You can sign into your book via our home page. Just type your book address into the box in the top right hand corner of our home page. (Go to my personal book).

3. Type your book address into your browser.

Can I create, or be invited to, more than one book?

Yes you can and what's more, it's still FREE! The type of book you create is determined by it's purpose, the people you invite and the stories they write. For example, if you are creating a book for your mother in a residential home to help those caring for her engage with her better, you may wish to invite family and friends who know her and touched her life. You would invite work colleagues, partners and may be suppliers or customers of someone who was about to retire or leave a job but for a friend's 40th birthday gift, the people you invite maybe totally different again.

Not only can you create multiple books, you may also be a invited to join the books created by other people.

You use the same email/password combination for all books to which you have been invited or created. Once signed in, you may use the "available books" tab on the menu bar to gain access to each individual book.   

I’m writing very personal accounts. Who can see these and is the information safe?

Only the people YOU invite to join your private online memory book can see what is written. It is a community of the people that know you best, have the most to contribute and are best qualified to make comments. You decide what they can and can’t do. All your data is safe.

How do I invite Family and Friends?

Once you've signed up for an online memory book you just need to click any of the "Invite Family and Friends" buttons to sent email invitations. We have provided you with an invitation template that you can use or personalise as you wish.

Your invitees will receive a link to your book address within the invitation email we send them. From there they can sign into your online memory book. There is also a link to our main website so your invitees can see all about Forget Me Not Book.

What does Permission mean in Invite Family and Friends?

When you invite family members and friends to join your book you are able to choose what permissions to grant individuals; "View Stories", "View and Add Stories" or "Administrator". Anyone you invite with a "View Stories" permission will be given access to sign in and view the content of your book but they will not be able to add their own stories. They will be able to comment on the stories of others, print individual stories and order printed books.

Inviting family and friends with an "View and Add Stories" permission will allow them to add their own personal stories and upload photos. They are able to save them as a draft, edit and delete them. They will also be able to comment on the stories of others, print individual stories and order printed books. 

Those assigned "Administrator" rights have the same permissions of "View and Add Stories" and in addition are able to edit and delete the stories of others and sent invitations. Permissions can be changed by an administrator within the "Network" tab.

I'm not sure how people will feel about me inviting them to my book?

You are by no means obliged to do it this way but we've found that people like to sign up, begin a book and add a few stories before inviting others. By using the site you'll be confident when you invite people. Bear in mind that inviting people to participate does not constitute any requirement by them to do anything but what are they going to be most upset by, being invited, or not being invited?!

How do I know if someone has accepted my invitation?

You will see all the recently added stories on the home page of your online memory book and you will be alerted when stories and comments are added. If any of your invitations remain unanswered there will be an alert on the your home page which will allow you to check the email address for errors and resend an invite. Clicking on the "network" menu tab will also show you all the people who have accepted your invitation.

How do I encourage people to enter some stories and pictures?

Try looking at our blog which gives you some help with ideas. One is entitled, "20 inspiring story ideas"

A good strategy is to think of one key area that an invitee could help with and appeal for help with that. For example, if you are compiling a book for your mother, you could ask your Aunt (her sister) for photos and stories about the first school they attended. Make the request specific and ask for the photos and the story behind them. They will then have something targeted to act upon and you will capture a new family memory.

Very often, memories can be sparked of by other people's stories around similar subjects or events. That's the beauty of collaborating on a book, you can inspire others to tell their stories. You can also comment on the stories added by others which may be very interesting. Perhaps you don't all recall the same event in the same way?

What if I'm stuck for story ideas?

Not all of us are natural writers so we have given you some prompts in the "story ideas" tab found on your online memory book's story pages. There we have listed some questions you could answer, depending on your relationship with the book subject. This can give you some story material to get started.  

Can I add a story on behalf of someone else?

We want everyone to capture and save their precious memories and stories so they can be enjoyed and shared by family and friends. Not everyone may have access to or like using a computer but you wouldn't want to miss out their value contributions. So we have made it possible to add stories on behalf of some else and name them as the author. Just click on the "Was this story written by someone other than you?" link at the bottom of the "Add New Story" page. 

How do I upload and scan photographs?

Our blog article "How to upload your photographs and enjoy more family memories" explains it all. 

I saved my story as a draft but it's disappeared?

Don't worry, it's not disappeared! It'll be waiting for you the next time you click on "Add New Story".

Why do I have to give my story a category?

By giving your story a category or categories means that you are organising your stories as you write them. When you or anyone else comes to the story pages, a category icon can be chosen to view all the stories on travel or sport for example if that is more where your interests lie. It's just a different way to view stories across the life stages. If your story does not fit into a category then just choose the nearest one to it, or indeed, click on as many categories as suits your story. Chapters and categories are only used within your online book and are not transferred into printed books.

I no longer wish to have a book. What shall I do?

Simply email us with your details at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will permanently delete your book

I think I’ve found a problem with your system, what shall I do?

If you have any problems at all please let us know by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can fix it.


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