Creating a Forget Me Not online memory book begins a powerful collaborative process. It brings your family and friends together in a private place to pool your memories into something that over time will build into a unique and precious celebration of your loved one's life.


Photographs, whilst not compulsory for your online memory book stories, stimulate all kinds of evocative memories. They will provide you a useful prompt to recall events and aid reminiscing.


Digital Photos

It's easy to upload digital photographs onto the pages of your Forget Me Not book. Follow the "How it works" link from our homepage which shows you how to upload digital photos from your computer.


Of course you first need to have your photos stored on your computer. A Google search can help you find out how to download your digital photographs if you've misplaced your camera instructions. You Tube is an alternative source of video information on how to do things. A simple search on "photo downloads" will result in a host of helpful "how to" videos.


Paper Photos

Digital cameras haven't always been around and older photos will be on conventional photographic paper maybe with the old negatives. In this form they can only be enjoyed by one or a number of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time. Sharing these photos online is a powerful feature of Forget Me Not book . Some people will have photos that you never knew existed!


Scanning Old Photos

To share these evocative conventional photos will involve a little extra effort. They will need to be scanned onto your computer or device but the end results to your online memory book will be startling. If you are unsure about how go about scanning your old photos then here are a number of options you can use:

1. There are numerous High street stores that offer photo scanning. The most well known in the UK are Jessops and Boots but there are many more smaller outlets who offer cheap on-site scanning. They will be able to scan your old photos onto DVD/CD or onto a memory stick. Photos can then be copied from these onto the hard drive on your computer.

2. The highest quality way to scan photos is to send them to a mail-in service. We do not endorse any particular company so would suggest a simple Google search to give yourself some choice. A search such as "photo scanning service" or similar should produce some good results. With high end scanners this will likely result in the best results but will take longer. If you have a lot of old precious photos it may be well worth considering this in order to protect these longer-term.

3. Alternatively you could take a photo of your old photo with your digital camera. It is immediate and free but do remember that the image will not be as good as the original nor the two options above and may not reproduce at a sufficiently high quality. It is a good interim option though.


Everybody knows people in different ways and by recounting and sharing their own stories and photographs, snippets of some ones life form a rich and lasting collection of memories that family and friends can all enjoy.