We are always very happy to help anyone new to Forget Me Not book to create their own memory book. During a visit to Stratton House, Bath (a care home managed by the charity MHA) we spent a very enjoyable morning talking to a lovely couple, Jerry and Andrea, who wished to start a book for Andrea's mother Sylvia, who is resident at the home.

Jerry and Andrea had brought with them a collection of photographs which we scanned so they could easily be uploaded into their new online memory book. As we took them through the simple process of creating stories within the book we were able to have a laugh together about all the memories that the photographs triggered. How I love my job, seeing the enjoyment that reminiscing can bring.

saving family memories

We needed to establish the purpose of the book. Was it for them to recall their memories and stories about Sylvia or was it to record Sylvia's own stories? Andrea and Jerry had brought in with them old family photos, the book was to record events in the life of Andrea's mother. This is where we become a little unstuck. Some of the photos were of times before they themselves were born and some were of people they didn't know or events that they hadn't attended. So how do you write stories of things you don't know about?

There is, of course, the perfect solution. We uploaded the photos into the online book giving them a quick title. During their regular visits to see Andrea's mother, they were going to talk to her about the photos and record her own reminiscences. Stratton House has wi-fi and Jerry takes in his ipad anyway to show Andrea's mother their digital photos. They did agree that they can sometimes run out of things to talk about when visiting so this project gave them plenty of subject matter. Jerry and Andrea have since began work in earnest on their project and have invited other family members from around the world to visit and contribute to the book which will be printed very soon.

If you would like us to visit your care home to help relatives get started on creating memory books of their own or maybe you are someone who needs old photos scanned, then please do get in contact with us on +44 (0)1225 891778 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We would be delighted to help.