The recent news that facebook fans of the board game "Monopoly" have voted to change the iron piece for a cat has brought back many childhood memories of a true family favourite.

The makers of the board game, Hasbro Inc have over 10 million facebook followers. In an attempt to make the game more relevant and engaging, an online competition was started to decide what piece had to go and what would replace it. Over the game's 80 year history there have been changes to the pieces but this one marks the first time that fans had a chance to vote for their favourite piece.

I remember playing Monopoly as a child. My sister and I always fought for the Scottie dog, he was my very favourite but I'd have to settle for the top hat or the car. My Grandmother always had the "old boot" as she referred to it. Now we are playing Monopoly with our own children.

The game can last for hours. I remember when I left my husband and children playing it over the Christmas holidays one year. I went shopping and on my return 3 hours later they were all still at it and mortgaged to the hilt! It was interesting to discover more about my children, the game strategies they employed. One would go hell for leather and spend, spend, spend, buying everything they landed on. The other would be much more cautious saving up all their money. The first time I ever played Monopoly with my now husband, I was surprised to learn how very competitive he was. I hadn't seen this aspect of his character manifest itself before to such an extent. It brought a demon out in him. I thought he would be kind and gentle when my luck was down but quite the contrary, he went for the jugular. Quite disconcerting.

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