Where the idea came from


Like many people, major events have affected our family. Dealing with those events provided us with an understanding about what would have helped us. This is where Forget Me Not Book began. If there had been anything similar available we would be using it, there wasn't, so we designed it ourselves.

My mother had to go into a residential care home as a result of a major stroke. My wife's grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and eventually had to be admitted into a home. In my case, although the rest of my family wanted to help they lived too far away and as the closest relative it fell to me to make regular visits. In my wife's case, dementia robbed her grandfather of his short-term memory leaving him feeling confused, frustrated and isolated. He had lived a fascinating life. Engaging him on events from the past unlocked him again and he sparkled when he recounted his favourite stories.

A collaborative memory book site helps in many ways. These are just a few:

  • An easy way to compose a family scrapbook
  • Family and friends can join (if invited) and contribute, so it won't just fall to one person
  • Keeps family in touch and allows those further afield to take an active part
  • Keeps things fresh, there will always be the opportunity to add a new story or anecdote
  • New carers can join in as well to get to know the people for whom they care
  • Allows all involved, especially family, to feel they are making a real difference to a loved ones general well being
  • Empowers family members, putting them back at the centre of their loved one's care
  • Aids reminiscence. Sharing familiar stories allows a special connection
  • Builds trust between family, their loved one's and their carers
  • Finally, it provides a lasting legacy.


We have loved being able to help other people enjoy a very worthwhile activity and thanks to all of you who have contacted us to say how you have used our site. Please continue to get in touch and tell us your story at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or if you like what we're doing and think it might help others please spread the word on facebook!



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